The most comfortable products for woman – Cosmolle!

There is so little left and the most beautiful holidays are coming. And, of course, the most awaited by everyone. For us, women, it is the season of gifts. The period in which we receive and we give so many gifts.

In the last time, I preferred online shopping. It is much more convenient for me, but it also saves time. I no longer run around the city, looking for the product I want in every store. And I sit in the comfort of my home, lying comfortably in front of my laptop. Most women find choosing the right bra as a difficult test. Eight out of ten women, at European level, admit that they wear an inappropriate size for their figure. The right bra should be so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it.

Did you know that…In ancient Greece, beautiful and wealthy women proudly showed their busts adorned in transparent veils and jewels. Mentalities changed, and the woman’s body was covered from head to toe in formless clothes. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, a young immigrant from the United States rebelled against fashion and designed dresses with cups to highlight the breasts. Ida Rosenthal then invented the bra in the early 1920s, conquering women all over the world. Made of cotton or lace, with push-up, with sponges or just with support wires, bras today occupy a leading place in the wardrobe. Well chosen, depending on the size and shape of the chest, bras are more than useful: they are accessories that make us more beautiful.

The most comfortable products for woman – Cosmolle!

I discovered Cosmolle. The site where you will find the most comfortable wireless bra. So comfy…like you’re wearing a cloud. When you forget you have a underwear on, you know you’ve got a good one.

Cosmolle seamless ribbed one-shoulder sporty bra in a ribbed jersey designed with a minimum number of seams, makes a statement, whether you wear it out solo or synced up with our matching leggings. Wear it as a bra, wear it as a crop top, that’s up to you.

    It is designed for low-impact workouts and made from 60% recycled nylon and + 33% nylon + 7% Spande.

    Amazing thongs that you forget are even there!

    And Cosmolle is famous for best women thong! Slide into underwear that feels like a second skin. Say no to visible lines with our no-show underwear that smooths and keeps cool. Made with Collagen Polyamide Yarn for skin-loving benefits and 3D printed for zero seams.

    They say two are better than one, but three are even better. Go for the All Black/Nude/Dusty Rose bundle to have each underwear style your preferred color. 

    So, I am curious what is your choice from Cosmolle!

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