What charm do you choose: Gnoce or Pandora?

Gnoce is a a professional jewelry, charm brand of original design with high craftsmanship. It is focusing on making unique and delicate jewelry at competitive price to all jewelry lovers. All the products, including personalized jewelry, charms, bracelets and etc., are made from high-quality materials and are greatly appreciated in a variety of markets throughout the world.

The big jewelry brands joined the fashion that Pandora brand started a few years ago. It consisted in buying or donating a bracelet to which you can add other pieces purchased separately. This way you are being able to obtain an individual and totally personalized bracelet with pieces of all kinds of shapes and motifs.

Create Original Charms for You to Bead Your Story.

Every bead has its own story. In addition, the jewelry can speak to you, to record you a story, to support you, to protect you. So, start collect the beads that are meaningful to you, with strength and courage, to create your own personal style.

Pandora was a pioneer in combining the quality and design of costume jewelry with the fashion of offering personalized bracelets. Bur there are other brands such as Gnoce, that could already offer this service. Also there are many people who believe that it has managed to surpass its teacher.

I did a Gnoce Vs Pandora comparison to find out if we can replace the charms with some from Gnoce. Are you curious to know the result?

Gnoce vs Pandora…what would you choose?

The bracelet charm constantly reminds us of the elegance of nature and the beauty of spring. Most of the charms and bracelets are made of 925 sterling silver. Some of the charms are made of murano glass or crystal. With flowers or butterflies. animals or letters, they all look chic and adorable.

The quality is the same as Pandora’s charms. But the prices are much better, so my recommendation is Gnoce!

The charms look very expensive and of good quality. It is nice for giving it as a gift. It is a better quality considering the price! Definitely a way to accent and brighten up our bracelet without having to spend a lot of money.


All Gnoce products are made-to-order. Processing time differs from product to product. Popular styles order by 11PM PST, we’ll SHIP THE SAME DAY, most styles can be shipped out within 24 HOURS, while engraved or personalized orders may take 1-3 working days. During peak holiday and promotional periods order processing times may be longer. So, the delivery is very good!

Gnoce has all the colors you are looking for. It has black cat or golden heart, white dogs or rose stones. Gnoce brand is much more customizable and its parts are handmade. The design of its beads is cute, giving maximum elegance to your outfit. Every exquisite design, along with a rigorous quality control process, is aimed at providing 100% satisfactory products to all customers at any time and ensuring a pleasant purchase

I love all Pandora’s products. And in Gnoce I have found everything that Pandora can, but at a better prices. For it’s colors, better prices and fast delivery I definitely choose Gnoce! So in the battle Gnoce vs Pandora, Gnoce wins for sure!

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