Wayrates – for the brave, the heroic and the adventurous!

Hello ladies; we should not forget about our brave men, don’t we? In this first days of 2021, when we want to make some shopping, we must remember them….and make them some surprises. 

And what would be more nice than buying them tactical clothing? This is increasingly required by brave men, who like adventure.

Specially designed for professionals on the go, this tactical pants for men has 8 pockets. This includes deep cargo pant pockets to provide ample storage and easy access to all your mission-critical gear.

The Tactical Pants is Stylish, tactical, multi-pocket, wear-resistant, anti-wrinkle, durable, breathable, comfortable. They are great for all season outdoor activities and casual daily wear, particularly for hiking, hunting, climbing, cycling, airsoft, shooting, army training. 

Warm, comfortable to wear and feel good on the skin! This is how we can introduce this outdoor windproof and rainproof jacket. Do not feel cold anymore!

It is perfect for autumn and winter outdoor, work and everyday life.

To be complete, you must also buy tactical shirts. This is how their outfit is exactly how they wish, don’t you think? 

Wayrates is for our brave, heroic and adventurous men!

Tactical professionals have jobs where every second counts. Their clothes shouldn’t hold them back from hitting peak performance. That’s why tactical clothes are engineered with a focus on mobility.

Tactical pants will feature articulated knees. The shape is cut to accommodate the joint, eliminating unnecessary fabric for an ergonomic fit. This streamlined construction allows for a full range of movement.

As tactical pants grew in popularity, uses for them grew as well. Operators began wearing them off duty as well in the field. It wasn’t long before the elite-level functionality caught on in outdoor sports, such as shooting, hiking, hunting and camping.

Wayrates is the leading online store that combines function with fashion, convenience with comfort. Setting the standard for tactical, outdoor clothing and accessories worldwide. Why Wayrates? Because, as they say: „We have studied the best so that we can be the best, based on the feedback of our customers and the team we have created around our brand, we believe we have achieved our goal„.

Wayrates is your brand! Wayrates is your partner!

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