The coat, an always delightful purchase for ladies!

Hello ladies! For this beginning of 2021, I want to take you with me on a virtual trip. Where? Just in Prestarrs online store. Because spring is approaching with small but fast steps, I thought we would start our new year with some fabulous shopping. What are you saying?

The coat will always be a delightful purchase for ladies!

So…let’s get started. First, I think we should look for outerwear for women. The blazer is that piece of clothing more and more seen worn by elegant ladies, and not only. When you leave the house, dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans, or an office skirt, you can put a blazer over it and the outfit is complete.

Because it’s comfortable and warm, only good for cold days, what can be more natural than buying a blazer or two and integrating them into your outfits. Blazers are among my favorite pieces and I have a few in my wardrobe, of various colors. But when I wear a blazer, I always pay attention to the proportions of the outfit, which I take care to balance so that it doesn’t look dull and shapeless.

But besides blazers, I love coats. That’s why I present you the best trench coats, which you will surely want in your wardrobe.


As the weather shows, it’s already January and that means it’s the perfect time to wear those outfits we’ve been waiting for them: winter-spring suits, 3-piece, with scarves or leather gloves. We can already discuss the strength of any wardrobe for this season: the coat.

The biggest difficulties, when I started to build my wardrobe, I encountered them when I knew I needed a product but I didn’t know how to choose it so that it would fit my body or match the rest of the items I was going to use. I’m wearing. And there’s nothing more useless than buying a coat that you can’t wear then, is there?

But at Prestarrs you will get that products you need! What did you find here?





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