Gothic Sports Style

1.) How Gothic pieces in a wardrobe is fast becoming a staple

A lot of us may not even realize it but we probably have more than a couple of pieces of clothing in our wardrobe that classify as gothic fashion. This comes as no surprise, as more and more fashion labels are adding dare-to-wear outfits in their seasonal collections. There is an ever growing demand for good design that men and women can wear all throughout the year.

A few of the must-have pieces for goth outfits are:

Black leather jacket

One of the most iconic pieces to this day is the black leather jacket. Whether you’re into gothic fashion or not, a black jacket- leather or faux has been around for many years. It adds an undeniable coolness to the overall outfit. It can be worn over any outfit and in any season no matter where you live.


Black turtleneck

A timeless piece of clothing that any person of any age can rock! The black turtleneck is simple and basic, but it adds extra edginess to your goth outfits. Because of its simplicity it can be worn with just about any other pieces in your gothic fashion wardrobe! This will allow you to be as creative with your style- just as you prefer.

Black leather skirt

Nothing says sexy than wearing a leather skirt in any outfit, but more so in gothic fashion. Gone are the days when only the ‘brave’ can wear this piece of clothing. Nowadays, there are a lot more textures, lengths, cuts and dare-to-wear designs to choose from. And any goth fashionista can add a black leather skirt no matter the occasion.

Black flare pants

Not only will they make your legs look longer but they add a sophistication to the whole outfit. This classic style has been around for a very long time. However, it has been modified to many various styles. For a more unique pair and truly in the spirit of gothic fashion; ruffles, laces and mesh have been added. These materials add the quintessential flare that adds to the overall feel of a gothic fashion.


2.) Gothic elements of the sports style

The popularity of athleisure wear started in the late 90s and till this day the trend has not slowed down due to people’s want for stylish yet comfortable attire. And thanks to social changes, pop culture and the rise of the internet, we are spoiled for choices on inspiration for our own goth fashion. Essential wardrobe pieces such as: jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, pants and accessories in gothic fashion are now very much accessible for easy everyday wear.

The following are classic pieces that have been given the gothic fashion adaptation:

The hoodie sweater

This functional garment is timeless and youthful. Throughout the years of its evolution, it has made its way into the gothic culture. The ease and comfort of a hoodie is the reason why it remains to be popular. And thankfully, the gothic fashion does not disappoint! Many brands have combined their own style with gothic elements to emanate mysteriousness and darkness.

The printed t-shirt

Finding the right t-shirt in gothic fashion could take you long to pick one as there are so many to choose from! There are t-shirts with very beautiful artwork while some have words on them. Depending on your mood, you can browse through hundreds- if not thousands of designs online.

The mesh top

This top is a must-have in any wardrobe. If you are not ready to wear just a tank top, adding a mesh top layered on top is a cute option. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in more ways than one. An ultimate addition for your dare-to-wear outfit.

The flight jacket

Usually made of light material the flight jacket comes in different styles and shapes. The gothic fashion style usually comes in black and made of a shiny material. Logos are either printed or sawn in. Depending on your preference, some brands offer customization using your own logo design and art.

3.) How adding gothic sportswear creates a unique fashion style

Have you noticed that girl wearing a black leather jacket over a hoodie- walking down the street and catching your attention? There’s something about her style that caught your eye.

Or maybe it was a group of friends wearing black leggings with neon green mesh details and t-shirt with a very eye-catching artwork that made you look again?

What makes these girls unique is that they have their own unique style. And they stand out from the crowd who seem to be wearing the same standard of clothes.

It’s no denying that goth outfits have also made its way into sportswear. And why not?

The availability of designs for gothic sportswear are huge. And the potential for creating your own unique style is limitless! Contemporary culture has seen the rise of more independent and free fashion for all, meaning that everyone can wear what they want and how they want to wear it. And we now live in a world where clothing can be worn by all genders.

Nowadays, the selection of sportswear come in very similar styles and colors. For those who want something different, finding an alternative can be hard to do. Gothic fashion need not only be dresses. By careful planning, you can create your own gothic fashion in the gym. Find a goth fashion store that sells tank tops and leggings. These can be the starter pieces you need to build your own gothic sportswear wardrobe.

If gym is not your thing but you still love to wear clothes that offer ease and evoke youthfulness- in gothic fashion, of course, you can opt for a hoodie with a beautiful design and pair it with a mini leather skirt. For an evening event, switching your hoodie for a top with a Victorian flare will create a mysterious vibe around you that makes people want to look!

Whatever your style, whether you are just beginning to explore the world of gothic fashion or you are a long time lover, creating your own style is the fun part of it! Choose pieces that make you happy so that you will wear them again and again.

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