Where do you find a nice mascot costume?

Yesterday, my daughter asked me if she can host a costume ball. A costume ball? Where did this idea came from? A mascot costume? She is a teenager, she liked costume and she like mystery.

And what costumes do you think my little girl likes? I am sure that you will not guess! Because it is about a lion mascot costume! Yes, you’ve heard well. She loves the lion! She thinks it is a very powerful animal…the king of the animals!

Where do you find a nice mascot costume?

So, I started to look for a nice costume. And I find it at Shop Mascot, the site where you can find a lot of nice, cheap costume. Animal mascot, cartoon mascot, people mascot, school mascot, for Halloween, ocean series….everything you need you can find here!

It is free shipping worldwide! And there are discounts…big discounts. So you will buy a costume very cheap, you only have to start looking for the nice one.

I would have seen my daughter looking for an Elsa costume or a Sofia one. But a lion looks so real, looks so powerful. Don’t you think so? You will not mistake with the size, because you have all the measurement here.

And you will receive it soon. Because the delivery time is the processing time, about 3-5 days + the shipping time. You can receive it free shipping, around 7-12 days or by DHL shipping in 2-3 days.

Shop Mascot – high quality mascot costume online!

Founded in 1990 in San Francisco, Shop Mascot is a trusted online retailer of mascot costume for high school, college sports, Halloween and Christmas. It has 27 years of experience with different mascots. So…you have to trust it!

What do you think about these mascot costume? Do you like it? Will you order some?

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