Best Online Typing Websites!

Best Online Typing Websites

Computers have become a vital component of our lives and their usage continues to spread. They are now becoming a norm even in elementary schools so that every kid out there needs to start learning how to type. Any child who does not have any basic typing skill may be left behind in the race to later become a good typist.

There is no reason for a parent not let a child to try and master typing because there are numerous online typing games out there. While there those that come with a price, most them usually are free. In this article you are going to find out about some of the best online typing games that parents can introduce to their children.

Some of the best online typing games

  1. The Dance Mat Typing

This is an interesting online platform that teaches kids basic typing skills. It is from the BBC and it features four levels each with three distinct stages. There are instructions given on the screen for the child to follow. The child can get to the next stage if successful on the previous stage. With daily practice, the child can easily get through the levels without having to start all over again.

  1. KidzType

This is yet another interesting online typing website that is great resource for kids learning typing. The site features lessons, exercises, games and practices all designed to train the child to learn typing easily and fast. The objective of the site apart from just offering fun typing games for the kids is to help them master the art of typing early. The exercises, games, and lessons in the game are each divided by a keyboard section. This comes in handy for the kids to be able to tackle trouble spots. There are various game options for kids to choose from in this typing game.

  1. TurtleDiary

This online typing website has over fifteen typing games and most of them are designed for kindergarten grade kids. Most of the games in this site are themed in underwater adventure. This site provides the young ones with lots of variety in terms of games to choose from. As a parent you can choose the difficulty level including the keyboard area to get your kid started. Apart from just offering fun games, the site also features lessons for the kids. There are up to three skill levels with each having several lessons. For the beginner there are 25 lessons, intermediate has got 9 lessons and the advanced level has 19 lessons.

  1. SlimeKids

This site features a dozen games that are designed to help teach kids typing the easy way. There are various fun options for kids to choose from. The game offers an option for the kids playing to be able to run away from ghosts similar to Pac Man. There are also alien letters that the kids can shoot down in order to protect the planet. The game does not have lessons or tests but it offers the kids challenges that help to improve their typing skills.

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