What If Your Child Addicted To The Internet or The Electronic Products

The world has changed tenfold, and in this day and age, we’ve only heard of a handful of people who didn’t have an electronic device in their home. With the advent of the television and the cell phone, people today have opened themselves to addictions much more complicated than those of alcohol and love. The cell phone is perhaps the most exquisite invention, housing the facilities of a calculator, TV, calendar, mailing system, the camera, video recorder, voice recorder, radio, games, and many more.

With that being said, the cell phone has also brought about a new plague in the world, and especially in the children: phone addiction. Sure, using the phone to chat with friends and family is an integral part of a child’s life, but using it too much or in the wrong way can directly affect their body and their mind, and can prove adverse when done in surplus.

When your child uses too much cell phone

When do you know that your child is using “too much” cell phone? Try to calculate the exact amount of time spent on the phone or the computer/laptop. If they spend more than half of their waking hours hunched over a screen, then we have a problem.

How to minimize the use

The best ways to minimize their contact with these devices is to make sure they have better things to do. As a child, no one wants to study. So try to engage them in other things such as games or hobbies. Instead of telling them to just stop, give them some ideas for great alternatives. If your child loves painting, buying them a new set of paints or brushes may intrigue them and they might indulge in the hobby more.

Similarly, making sure they have enough friends and family members to play outdoor games is a crucial part too, as forcing them to play outside when they have no one to, is a bit of a burden.

Participate in activities

Do not stay passive. Actively participate in their favorite activities. If your child loves makeup, indulge with them in it. This will not only make them feel like their hobbies are supported, but also help them improve and who knows? Maybe they might become the next Pablo Picasso. Company your child more, play some games and talk to them about their lives and their friends.

However, it should be understood that the addiction may sometimes not be the problem; what causes the addiction may. Adversities such as isolation, loneliness, anxiety, stress (yes, kids can have that), bullying, and depression can be the underlying cause. And if (God forbid) that is the case, then the addiction is the least of your concerns. It is best to consult with a psychiatrist and solve the issue.

Wrap up

An important thing to be noted is that the privilege of technology and social media should not be entirely taken away from the children. You see, as the world changes, people and especially children want to be updated with new things. They want to remain “trendy” and as a responsible parent, it is your duty to give them what they want. Just limit their use of it.

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